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The who, what, why and are you kidding me?

Demystifying "the P word".

RADIO BRAVE: The launching pad for podcasters who want to connect with adventurous listeners. Total, turnkey management and delivery of your podcast.

Broadcast industry veteran Doug Harris introduced Radio Brave to digital audiences on May 4, 2016, with an invitation to responsible parties with something interesting to say—and a checkbook--to jump on board. He quickly discovered that everyone with ears and a mouth is talking about PODCASTS and his former KLOL and KTBZ colleagues Pat Fant and Cruze—partners in the Houston-based RFC Media—agreed. Harris’ Radio Brave is now offering podcasters and the “podcast-curious”, turnkey management and delivery of their content via on demand podcast platforms AND a 24/7 digital broadcast channel.

“Across the country, the weekend lineup of countless AMs, and an appreciable number of FMs, is filled with content from experts and entrepreneurs who are paying for that time,” observes Harris. “We have a better way. Listeners want what they want, when they want it and the ‘appointment listening’ notion that drives this brokered, long form programming is now a frightfully outdated concept.”

“There was once only one secure job in broadcasting, and that was ‘owner’. The most secure job in broadcasting is now podcaster. You can get started today. And Radio Brave can make it happen.”

If you’ve got something compelling to say and you’ve thought about hosting a podcast but didn’t know how to get started or shied away because of the cost, we have a solution for you.

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