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Start your OWN podcast on Radio Brave!

If you’ve got something compelling to say and you’ve thought about hosting a podcast but didn’t know how to get started or shied away because of the cost, we have a solution for you.

Radio Brave is a launching pad for podcasters who want to connect with listeners who crave the unique and extraordinary—on demand.

Podcasters get access to our studios, technology, producers, talent coaches and marketing mavens to get their messages out to bigger audiences at an affordable price.

Radio Brave showcases the best of these podcasts on its 24 hour digital radio platform, hosted at and available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellular phones as well as on

Listeners introduced to these podcasts on Radio Brave’s streaming content can find more of what they like in the Radio Brave archives at iTunes and Google Play Music, available as free downloads.

Houston-based RFC Media, whose successful “brand-casting” ventures includes work for Target, Conde Nast/Coastal Living Magazine, Fresh Produce Clothing, and NASA, has constructed a dedicated broadcast studio in the Galleria area for the station’s use.


Radio Brave gives podcasters the major market/rock star experience and lets them share it with their guests and sponsors. Have a look at our studios here.

The Radio Brave facility is equipped with four (4) microphone stations with seating, a control board and microphone for a board op/producer and is available to Radio Brave’s content providers locally and remotely in accordance with a predetermined, mutually agreeable schedule.

ALL PODCASTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. Radio Brave’s podcast services are packaged according to the specific needs of each client, but most arrangements involved the following services and courtesies:

Up to 3 hours of studio time each week

Up to 3 hours of studio time each week to create “original” programming, live or recorded, with a board operator and editor as needed. (Phone screener available for additional fee).

Multiple podcast units

The editing, production and assembly of multiple podcast units, based on the podcaster’s specifications, needs, and intent.

Archived podcasts for easy access

The uploading of new podcasts to the iTunes and Google Play Music platforms for access and download by listeners. Additional service to Sticher, Pocketcast, and others is available for scalable fees.

We tell the world where you are

The integration of those podcasts into the Radio Brave lineup on a rotating basis, as single units or full length segments, to stimulate awareness, trial, and loyalty for the podcaster.

Now that talk is cheap, what do you have to say?

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