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Movies, food, wine and distilled spirits, alongside programs about the mystical and the metaphysical. Tune in for your favorite shows or leave it on all day!

Lather, rinse, repeat!

The Runaway Radio Hour

The Story & Glory of 101 KLOL

The discovery of countless hours of vintage audio from KLOL’s glory days sparked the interest of those who were and can still remember most of it. Classic bits from Stevens and Pruett, celebrity interviews, spots and promos from the 90’s, and a barrage of new interviews with the broadcast, marketing and sales team members who made it happen. An opportunity for ONE sponsor is open for grabs. Contact Bobby Duncan at Radio Brave for details.

Healthy Kids. Happy Kids.

Hosted by Dr. Barbara

Dr. Barbara Taylor-Cox is a physician specializing in general pediatric medicine in the West Houston area. She attended Houston Baptist University graduating Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Biology and Chemistry. Dr. Taylor-Cox received her M.D. from The University of Texas Medical School at Houston in 1985 and subsequently completed her residency training at Memorial Hermann Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center in 1988, where she received the distinction of Outstanding Pediatric Resident.

Dr. Taylor-Cox is the founder and owner of West Houston Pediatrics, P.A. (now known as Personal Pediatrics of Houston) and is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. She has been married to Houston attorney Ray L. Cox for 34 years and is the proud mother of their twin sons Tyler and Colton who currently attend Rice University.

Dr. Taylor-Cox recently completed her 30th year as a physician caring for children's medical needs. She was drawn to Pediatric medicine those many years ago because of the continuity of care it presents and she considers it a privilege to watch her patients grow and mature...many from birth to adulthood. In fact, it is her great delight to currently care for many second generation patients.

For more information, visit her website at

Neal & Libby

Neal Hamil and Libby Cagle, winners of Radio Brave’s international search for promising new podcasters, co-host the ‘Neal and Libby’ podcast, sharing their unscripted, unedited and completely off the cuff conversations.

With touches of Vanity Fair, TMZ and the Village Voice, this pair of stylish, entrepreneurial bon vivants with “black belts” in luxury living bring wit, whimsy and wisdom to the Radio Brave lineup.

After a highly successful, decades-long career at NYC modeling agencies Ford and Elite, former agency executive Neal Hamil combines his experiences managing the world's top models and celebrities with a life-in-the-fast-lane approach to take listeners on a rowdy ride full of first-hand stories and side-splitting laughter. Libby Cagle, former hospitality and PR wiz and now owner of Pageboy, an on-demand beauty app, brings a fresh take on astounding range of topics and a lot of laughs.

Neal’s tales of shepherding super models and wrangling those who sought their attention are perfectly matched with Libby’s equally fascinating professional pedigree and worldview to create programming that charms, disarms, and occasionally alarms their guests and listeners.

Hosted by Ian and Cruze

Our show is exactly what the title implies--it's a show about "The Good Life." Every week on Smokin' & Toastin', Ian Barry and Cruze taste and talk about craft beers, distinctive distilled spirits (both exclusive and accessible) and fine cigars. While not necessarily experts in these arenas, Ian and Cruze approach these classic diversions with the passion and curiosity of two semi-normal guys on an adventurous path of discovery and knowledge. And if that quest mandates that they must drink, eat, smoke and socialize, then so be it.

Ian Barry is a musician, music teacher, and crafter of musical instruments. He's am accomplished guitarist with service to bands of note from the Houston area, including Dr. Jeff & The Painkillers, Rosebud, The Buddhacrush, and his current project, The Blackout Vipers. He loves very few things more than a great cigar, and he's a fan of darker, complex craft beer, and superb Scotch. (or whatever whiskey you might happen to have on hand)...

Cruze is a veteran radio personality and programmer whose work has influenced high profile stations and programs all over the US, including Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. He's a fan of really flavorful medium to full-bodied cigars, great IPAs, and his favorite spirit, depending on what day it is, will either be a premium rum or a top-shelf tequila. But he's not picky.

Smokin' & Toastin' features "real, unbiased" tastings and reviews, interviews with craft brewers, distillers, and cigar experts along with news of the latest trends in those and related industries. "Mostly," says Cruze, "it's a chance for us to get together every week and talk about what we really enjoy!"

For guest and sponsor information email Cruze at


Hi friends! Kerry and Tiffanie here....We are ordinary women living extraordinary lives! We are mothers (five kiddos between us), interior designers, actresses, healers, clothes designers, room moms, cub scout leaders, team coaches...(deep breath)...and passionate participants of spiritual pursuits.

JOY RIDE is an invitation for those that are curious if there's more to life than meets the 5 senses. If you feel the call of the mystical and are curious to know what's behind the veil, we are your tribe! Join us as we explore all things energy, healing, personal growth, with positive, uplifting and encouraging topics. We'll be interviewing great thinkers, leaders and teachers in the spirituality, health and wellness, mind/body/spirit field.

We hope that by sharing part of ourselves, we make you laugh, cry, think and believe that absolutely EVERY and ANY one can learn, grow, heal and live the life they came to this planet to live. Join us on this amazing JOY RIDE!

For more information or to visit our blog, please visit us at

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Critics Circle

The Critics Circle provides a weekly in-depth look of the newest films and commentary on current film news and rumors along with insightful interviews with filmmakers, critics and artists presented by leading members of the Houston film critic community.

To learn more visit our website at or contact us at

Houston Film Critics Society
22918 Tree House Lane
Spring, Texas 77373

Leonard Courtright

Leonard Courtright
Critic For The Common Man

Each week, lifelong movie lover Leonard Courtright brings his no-nonsense observations on classic and contemporary films to Critics Circle. As Leonard applies his signature “S-M-A-R-T” evaluation to theatrical as well as DVD releases, he is joined by fellow Houston Film Critics Society member Jr. Mintz for lively banter and, on occasion, polite but nonetheless passionate differences of opinion.

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